Dear Reader,

How does one begin their very first blog post to introduce the world to their newborn company? It is 2 a.m., and I’ve been trying to think of a clever introduction for a while. There comes a time when you just have to own it and simply jump in. So hello, World. We are Lost Era Access.

I’m Marisa, the catch-all cyber minion at Lost Era Access. I’m one of three, one point on the triangle that makes up our company. San Juanita Gonzales, our owner, leads us and keeps us on mission. Emmett Doherty, salesman and logistics supervisor, directs our more business-y ventures. And then there’s me, who specializes in art and writing and the tech-y stuff. Every evening finds us at the computer, typing, designing, scribbling notes in sketchbooks, and working out the logistical details of creating a company. There are so many things you never think about until you have to — getting a phone number, putting your business email account on EVERY device you might use, getting stationary so you can indulge your need to write letters. And writing blog posts because you want to be able to speak to your audience.

The truth is, the process of starting this venture might involve an endless To Do list, but we know our company better than ever. In writing our mission statement, we identified the specific goals we had and the ways in which we want to connect to you, our audience. In considering a logo, we considered our short-term and long-term goals and how that ties into our mission.

For twenty years, we bought Chet and Lindy Downs’ Mexican Revolution calendars. For most of my life, my months were measured by historical photos and windows into the past. By the time we flipped the page to see December 2016, we knew of the personal loss that ended the Mexican Revolution calendar. Deciding to continue the tradition the Downs had started wasn’t something we decided overnight, or even in weeks. As the page turned from 2016 to 2017 to 2018, there was an endless revolving door of big life changes – starting new jobs, moving towns. We thought for a long time about what it would look like to pick up where Chet and Lindy left off. We thought for so long that it now feels all out of proportion with how fast we’ve hit the ground running. It’s been months of non-stop fine-tuning details, and all we wish was that we had started sooner.

It’s an honor to continue a tradition that meant so much to us for twenty years. We have dreams of our own, but none of our goals would exist without Chet and Lindy’s inspiration to remember and imagine.


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