Mission Statement

Our journey to starting this company began because we missed Lindy and Chet Downs’ ability to cast a window into the past through their Mexican Revolution Calendars. Our current path is dictated by our nostalgia and curiosity, both of which are essential for a company that mines the previous century for the inspiration.

Our mission is to forge connections between modernity and antiquity. We support this mission by bringing history into your daily life through our educational products. Far from keeping the past at a distance, we strive to bridge the chasm between viewer and subject by making the past feel as lived-in as the present.

Meet the Team Behind Lost Era Accress

Our vision is of a world and its people interconnected to a living, breathing, and relatable history.

History is our paradox. So much of what we wish to know is forever lost, and often what little knowledge we have is presented to in a way that keeps it at arm’s length. We are interested not just in the hard data of timelines and memorized facts, but also in the way people lived in times past. We are never as far away from what’s come before as we’d like to think we are, and that is what intrigues us at Lost Era Access — the chance to bridge the distance between the past and the present.

Marisa is the designer and social media manager at Lost Era Access, LLC. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, Marisa rediscovered her love of visual art. Now she brings that passion for art and literature to Lost Era Access, where history is her inspiration. She currently studies hybrid writing at the graduate level, and in her spare time, she loves video editing and writing. Marisa enjoys keeping up with family and friends at her favorite coffee shop when the opportunity arises. She always jokes that her real blood type is coffee.

San Juanita Gonzales is the owner of Lost Era Access. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and worked for the oil industry for a few years. San Juanita met her future husband Emmett in college who was also studying geology. They loved the outdoors, antiques, and nostalgia. Past eras and epochs are in their blood. A great fit for Lost Era Access. San Juanita also enjoys movies and photography. She lives in a 1940's home with her husband, daughter, and two rescue dogs - a large black Labrador mix and a medium Rottweiler mix.

Emmett Doherty is in procurement and outside sales for Lost Era Access. He lived in Ecuador for 5 years with his family when his father worked for Ada Oil Co. The family traveled throughout South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean on a shoestring budget during this unique and adventurous time. The cultural and historical exposure was profound. Emmett developed into an avid backpacker, and lover of nature and open spaces. Emmett has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology. He met his wife San Juanita in college where she was also majoring in geology. Together with their daughter, they are a rock solid team. Rounding out the family are two very happy rescue dogs ready to play ball.